The Employees of our Restaurant have the long-term work experience not only in servicing the Clients, but also in organizing the feasts, holding the standing buffets, banquets, company parties or in organizing the nourishment of the larger groups. In our kitchen, everybody will find their most favourite dish, and the Barmen’s and Waiters’ professional service will allow for each visitor feeling outstanding.


The banquets are organized in various spaces, in a Restaurant most convenient or lovely to you. The banquets are organized from XXX people, and you may select the dishes from the menu prepared specially for your banquets.

Standing buffets

In different Restaurants, the standing buffets of various sizes are possible, by ordering the separate spaces or the entire Restaurant. We can turn an event being planned by you into the really delicious feast for all of your guests.

Gimtadienio šventė
Birthday feast Personal feasts – birthdays, christening parties, anniversaries or other occasions

Birthday feasts / christening parties / other personal feasts – entrust the troubles of your most beautiful feasts to our professional Culinary Specialists. The decent feast with the friends, the anniversary to remember or bright and joyfull christening day? Rejoice at the most beautiful moments of your life without puzzling over the domestic worries – entrust the troubles of your most beautiful feasts to our professional Culinary Specialists.

Įmonės vakarėliai
Company parties

The Restaurants “Fortas” are the perfect place for the feasts of your Company. Rich tables, palatable dishes, perfect choice of drinks and the warm atmosphere will perfectly bias your Colleagues and Clients.

Pasiūlymas turistinėms grupėms
Proposal to the tourist groups

The team of Culinary Specialists of the Restaurants “Forto Dvaras” has the long-term experience in preparing the delicious and rich dinner for the large groups of people. We can propose the high-quality and quick nourishment for a friendly price.